Two curved variable-width lines


the output produced by Box To run this example you will need the following file(s): ./ If the example requires more than one file, then you should put them into the same directory. You can then launch Box with box -l g ./

// Under a shell type: box -l g
// ---
// One arrow and one closed line.

include "g"
include "arrows"

Curve = Point
(Real r, a)@Curve[angle = 8.0*Atan[1]*$.a, $$ = $.r*Vec[angle]]

w = Window[]
a = 0.0
af = 0.64
\ w.Line[(x=8*(1-a)), Curve[(100.0, a)], x
         For[(a += 0.005) < af]
         arrow_triangle, Curve[(100.0, af+0.02)],]

a = 0.0, af = 1.0
\ w.Line[line.smooth,
         x=3-Sin[50.0*a], x, Curve[(50.0, a)], x
         For[(a += 0.02) < af]


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